Ethyl Ethoxypropionate - Drum

CAS Number: 763-69-9

EEP (Ethyl 3-Ethoxypropionate) is a slow evaporating ether-ester solvent with excellent activity for a wide range of coating polymers. Its linear structure and propionyl group in the center of the molecule give this material a combination of desirable properties not found in other solvents. These include a slow evaporation rate, good resistance to solvent popping in baking applications, a moderate odor, low surface tension and high electrical resistance. In addition, it yields low polymer solution viscosities when compared to solvents with similar evaporation rates, provides excellent solvent release from coating films, and gives exceptional flow and leveling with a wide range of coatings. It is supplied as a urethane grade solvent.

Also known as : 3-ethoxy-propionic acid ethyl ester, Ethyl β-ethoxypropionat, Ethoxypropionic acid

Price: USD 3,065 / MT (Ex. Warehouse)

Quantity: 2,000 KG

Packaging: New Steel Drum - 198KG

Payment Terms: CBD

Availability: Singapore

Valid Until: 31/08/2019

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