CST Tank Expansion

Chemstationasia Storage Tank Expansion Chemical Product Solvent

CSA Terminals Sdn Bhd had completed its tank expansion project in October 2013. The project which began on January 2013 involved increasing the storage capacity by another 29,100cbm by building 9 new tanks ranging from 1350cbm, 1750cbm, 2750cbm and 5000cbm in size. With the tank expansion, the total number of tanks has increased from 43 units to 52 units while its storage capacity has increased from 52,800cbm to 81,900cbm. The new tanks had been inspected and was certified fit for use.

The Management found this to be a timely move as there were rising demands for storage tanks in this vicinity. Before the expansion took place, CST’s storage occupancy was above 90% and these were mainly occupied by external customers. Several units of the new tanks were leased out to Polyplastics Asia Pacific Sdn Bhd by 1January 2014.