In Specialty chemical products, Chemstationasia (CSA) is awarded with several distributorships, be it exclusive or non exclusive agency

DCC Singapore Specialty Chemical Distribution Chemstationasia
From two premier chemical distribution, DOVECHEM group in SEA region since 1960s and CHEMCENTRAL established in the 1930s in the USA.
DCC Vietnam Specialty Chemical Distribution Chemstationasia
The JV expanded, and 5 years after inception, the business activities expanded to six countries (Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, HK, vietnam)
Stock Item Specialty Chemical DCC Indonesia Chemstationasia
A new entity was required to continue and hence DOVECHEM DCC was established to carry on the business in SEA region.
Pre - 2000
DCC Malaysia Specialty Chemical Distribution Chemstationasia
A 50/50 JV struck between Dovechem and Chemcentral resulted in the birth of the DOVECHEMCENTRAL Group in Feb 2000 to distribute specialty and industrial chemicals.
Specialty Chemical warehouse DCC Vietnam Chemstationasia
UNIVAR took over CHEMCENTRAL, resulted In the dissolution of the JV. Univar took China whilst the remaining went to DOVECHEM.
distribusi kimia Chemstationasia bulk
Pursuant to shareholders restructuring process in mid of 2013, the company was renamed to be CHEMSTATIONASIA DCC GROUP.