The NEW CSA Newsletter 2019/2020

Chemstationasia CSA Newsletter 2019/2020 Company Supplier and Manufacturing Chemical

POWER needs to be demonstrated to ensure business strategies can be successfully carried out and is needed to sustain the Group’s position in this highly competitive market. However, within the POWER concept, one must possess a complete understanding of VALUE and how value drives POWER. VALUE is the good old principle of “Man behind the Gun”!

Extracts of Message from Group Managing Director/ CEO — Dato’ Andrew Ng

“I believe in Growth | Value | Fun which is the way forward to achieving our goal, be it for the Company or personal. We need dedication and consistency to growth that would in turn creates and adds value to all stakeholders that interface with CSA. When we can understand our Company’s value, pursuing Growth and enhancing Value for CSA will just be a natural course filled with Fun that will eventually generates power for CSA”

“I very much hope we will POWER UP each other and together, we shall rise to the challenges of this industry!” download