Launching of CSA Wellness

CSA Wellness
In line with the CSA‘s Core Values : Caring, Sincere and Ambitious, Dato’ Andrew NG, Group Managing Directior/CEO has always emphasized on the importance of  “Soul, Mind, Body” of every employess. Lots of activitiesand plans had been explored and will be carried out by the CEO Office to ensure the well being of the CSA Family members to accomplish a healthy soul, mind and body for all. On 1 st November 2021 CSA has launched an online mobile Wellness Mobile Application via the Mindfi platform This Wellness Mobile Application allows the employees to attend and access to wellness information, online exercises and classes, mind and health monitoring as well as assessment programs, plus many more like online private and personal counselling by external professionals The application is now rolled out to all the CSA Management Team and may be extended to all other employees by stages.