Our “CSA Dreams”

Message From CEO-Office

The Covid-19 pandemic has created a new normal and changed how we do business. The Chemical Industry supply and demand had also evolved and disrupted the entire supply chain in the chemicals and related services in this region. These have in fact impacted ChemStationAsia Group with challenges as well as business opportunities. In the past years, ChemStationAsia Group has been growing fast and expanding well, resulting a call for stronger commitments and enthusiasm from the Company and from every one of our CSA family members; “You”.

Therefore, it is a time of excitement for ChemStationAsia to lay a path for a stronger, better and sustainable future with the stakeholders. Today, we are proud to announce our enhanced CSA Vision, CSA Mission, CSA Philosophies and CSA Core Values, which will provide a framework and guidance in the new normalcy and to accomplish our “CSA Dreams”.

CSA Vision & Mission

To be the most preferred, valuable and integrated chemical company in Asia Pacific

To create sustainable values and innovative solutions for our stakeholders

CSA Core Values

We care for our stakeholders’ interest by creating mutually beneficial business relationships with customers and suppliers, responsible to business associates, develop employees’ excellence and social responsibility to the communities.

We act and carry ourselves truly and honestly in conducting business transactions with all business partners and associates, value the contributions of our employees and accountable to our shareholders for all of our actions.

We strive with determination to be the finest and integrated chemical company in all of our ventures

CSA Philosophies

GROWTH for our Customers:
We expand our presence regionally and grow by unleashing our business potential through innovation and organization development

VALUE for our Stakeholders:
We commit to create sustainable values for our stakeholders by maximizing business returns and practicing good corporate governance

FUN for our People:
We develop “Growth” and create “Value” in an enjoyable course with our dynamic and dedicated

The enhanced CSA Vision, CSA Mission, CSA Philosophies and CSA Core Values are the results of a shared strategic reflection and joint efforts by the CSA Key Management Team. I would like to thank the Team for going through the challenging process evaluating the future requirements for CSA culture and organisation development, making CSA one step closer to the “CSA Dreams” In the coming months, there will be more activities to be introduced in line with the above and I would like to seek your undivided commitment and participation. Lastly, I would like to wish every CSA Family member good health and please stay safe at all times.

Thank you
Yours sincerely,