The NEW CSA Newsletter

Chemstationasia CSA Newsletter 2014 Company Supplier and Manufacturing Chemical

Strolling up into the new year, we launch of our 1st edition of CSA Newsletter under the new branding. Packed with loads of exciting articles, we are determined to thrill our readers with what’s going on within the group, and beyond.

Extracts of Message from Group Managing Director/ CEO
Dato’ Andrew Ng

“My warmest congratulations to the first issue of the CSA Newsletter featuring “A New Journey….”. It is a new journal, a very exciting year as we strive to be who we have always been – a progressive and resilient Group. Therefore, this material had laid the path we have set to create the entire success story for the new ChemStationAsia Group of Companies (CSA).”

“We, CSA will also continue to act as a “People’s Company” by appreciating the contribution of our employees as well as practicing Corporate Social Responsibilities.”