Year: 2019

CKTN Futsal Tournament

CSA Club Kuantan organized the Annual Futsal Competition for all employees at PlayGround 6 Futsal

MAP Zero Accident Award

The Ministry of Manpower presented the Zero Accident Award to MAP in recognition of MAP

TSI Halal Bihalal Ceremony

On 28 June 2019, TSI held “Halal Bihalal”, a ceremony organized yearly after Idul Fitri.

CKTN Badminton Tournament

Badminton Tournament CSA Club Kuantan (CKTN)  held their Annual Badminton Tournament at Kilas Kilat Racquet

CKTN Bowling 2019

CKTN Bowling Tournament 2019 The Sports Club of CSA Kuantan organized its annual bowling Tournament

MAP Customer Audits

MAP never fails to meet customers’ required standards. MAP welcomes customers ISO audits throughout the